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    'Load your own articles plan' - TheMarketingblog 

    A 2017 route : Quality content is so important to marketing to anyone under the age of 40 right now. Anyone in that demographic discovers a business for the first time by either: (A) Google searching or (B) finding their content on social media


    What they say....


    "TheMarketingblog is a great platform for sharing news and content. Will and the team score a big A+ on the likes of content marketing, social media and the overall presentation. In addition, the level of service is extremely responsive and open, somewhat of a rarity these days. "

    Alex Burmaster, Meteor Public Relations


    Will is a leader in the Newsletters for Business sector. I've used Will at Ipsos and at The Oxford Research Agency to publish PR for our agencies, both of which have led to new business. The work Will conducted for me at Ipsos was presented to the MRS Conference which showed over £500k of proposals being generated. I'd recommend Will's services to any new business wanting to punch above their weight

    Chris Sinclair, Head of Ipsos Marketing Research, EMEA

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    Results & Leads : The other huge benefit is we track who has read your article and send you the results. A real 'no brainer' when it comes to new business.


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